On Monday, 12th December 2011 there was a fashion show at the PG St. Leon-Rot. Form 6d decided to host a show that was based on an idea from their school book.

The group topics were: “Sports Gear”, “Grandma’s Wardrobe” and “Fancy Dress”. The groups were divided into models, presenters and DJ’s.

They prepared ideas on how to dress, to walk, which music to match and even worked out their own choreographies. They collected their outfits at home and practiced only half an hour in their separate groups for the show.

At 1.45 pm the fashion show on our school stage started with the first group: “Sports Gear”. Jeremy, the presenter told the audience what the models wore as they walked to “Hangover”.

Next up were the “Grandparents”. Here, Jan presented the older models and their very unique style – bringing older fashion to match new music such as “Geronimo”

In the end there was the “Fancy Dress” group – dressed in their best suits and dresses. Michael, their presenter, was a model himself and switched with Noah in midway – walking to “Hangover” once again.

The class enjoyed their show and is looking forward to doing something like that again.

6d, Mrs. Loos