A Sleepless Night

On 20th April we had a “Lesenacht” at our school with Ms.Pries and with Ms.Lamping. At the beginning, we all prepared the room. We made our beds. And after that we ate pizza. It was so delicious. The boys played football and the girls rode the bike.

When it was dark, we all went into the building and we went into a room. In the room it was dark but it was fine. Ms.Lamping and Ms.Pries came into the room and they read a book. Crissi was sleeping and Levin too.
At 12 o’clock we had a midnight dinner but Crissi didn’t notice anything. And after that we went to sleep. It was really great. In the morning we ate our breakfast and after that we cleaned our rooms. At the end our parents came and picked us up, and then we all went home. It was very funny. We all had fun.
By Milena S. and Jonah T.


Our reading night

A few months ago we had a readingnight at school. In the afternoon we made the beds in the classrooms. The girls and boys were in different classrooms. After that we ate pizza in the cantine. Then we went outside and did sports. Some pupils played football and others played basketball or other things.  
Later Miss Pries read the book “Der überausstarke Willibald” to us. It was funny because Crissi slept from the beginning to the end.
At midnight we ate our midnight snack, it was a Babybel and pretzels. It was great. After the midnight snack we had to go to bed.
But nobody slept. Miss Lamping and Miss Pries often came in our room, because we were too loud. At 3.00 o’ clock I was tired and slept.
Some other girls slept too. And some girls were awake and listened to music or were loud.
On the next day at 8.00 o’ clock Miss Lamping woke us up. We had to tidy our rooms and had breakfast. After that we went home.
It was a really funny and interesting readingnight!
Tanja Kronauer