Über sich selbst ein Gedicht zu schreiben ist nicht leicht, besonders nicht in englischer Sprache. Während des Projekts „Presenting Yourself through Poetry” in der Klasse 10a erarbeiteten die Schülerinnen und Schüler das lyrische Schreiben in englischer Sprache, um anschließend eigene Texte zu verfassen. In ihren „Poems” brachten sie Themen wie ihre Freundschaft zueinander, eigene Erfahrungen oder Träume zum Ausdruck.

Cross the desert

Our aim was always to cross the desert
We rock this challenge like a concert
We learned a lot from this guy Bear Grills
So we are the guys with the most awesome skills
We learned how to live, we learned how to eat
In extreme situations we don’t need to cheat
When Shakira dances in the desert, we can do so too
Unlike others who paddle through Canada in a Canoe
We’re the oldest here and we have the absolute will
In the Sahara there are animals to kill
Out stamina reached the highest level
No one can compete with us not even the devil
We find our way through GPS
So there won’t be any stress
We know a lot about deserts from school
So this trip will be very cool
We are really experienced and look there the desert ends!  

by Alex and Jonas

Produce a Film

If Action, Horror and Comedies
It won’t matter
We have lots of possibilities If it’s about war or peace
all of a sudden
our ideas increaseWhile one makes the scene,
the other records
that makes us a good team
we’ll achieve lots of awards.We’ll add some effects
to a quiet Jungle
and add a tyrannosaurus rex
to make the floor rumble.Now from the past to the future
the sky is no limit
we’ll build a rocket fly to Jupiter
and film it.

We can do it all
hire Cil Wayne
It’s just a call
Now we’ve got our fame that’s all.

by Elia and Katrin

Sailing trip

Three teenage girls
Who want to see the world

Get new impressions
By sharing passions
Africa, Australia, Asia it should be
So let’s hang out on the great big sea
Sometimes there are big waves and storm
But usually there’s sun and it’s warm

Three teenage girls
Who want to see the world

They have to be strong
cause the trip’s going to be long
be there for each other
care for one another
they know all about sailing
they know all about failing
but no matter what
keep your head up high
and look up into the sky
there to live, to see
to always be free
and learn something about their personality
it’s better than a dream
because they’re the perfect team

those three teenage girls

by Christina, Lara and Caro


 We shared our whole lives
but I had to wait till she arrived
we climbed the highest hill on the playground
then we declared:” that’s our mound”
We built the greatest tree house
In my garden we dug a hole
two meters deep
but finally we had to heap
our lovely work of art
When we grew older
we didn’t drift apart
together we visited the Statue of Liberty
played games in Las Vegas
flew in a helicopter over Grand canyon
all this time she has been my companion
those things showed us that we can solve everything together
and alone it couldn’t be better
now we searched for a new challenge to deal with
finally we found a competition
which was a hard mission
what about leading a hiking expedition
through the rainforest
so we start with hope and heart
and we’ll conquer this exciting adventure
till we get our dentures
We are best friends
Till our lives end 
by Katharina and Corinna